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Wading Through A Million Routine Tests/Genetic Screenings

Okay, maybe not a million. But the number of tests you'll be offered from now until the end of your pregnancy is enough to make any mama's head spin. These days, we can screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome; we can detect genetic conditions from Tay-Sachs disease to cystic fibrosis. We've got blood tests and DNA screenings. We've got ultrasounds and placenta samples. And that's just during the first trimester.


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What Causes Morning Sickness?

Why do so many of us barf up breakfast-especially when baby is at such critical stages of development? The truth is that we don't know what causes morning sickness, at least not with any certainty. Here are three of the most common theories... CLICK PHOTO TO CONTINUE READING

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What's Up With the Flu Shot?

If you're pregnant during flu season (October through April...aka now)- your midwife or doctor may suggest getting the flu shot, and she won't be alone. Virtually every major medical organization, including the CDC, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the ACNM recommends the flu vaccine for mamas-to-be. However, vaccines of all kinds are controversial and not all mamas believe in them. There are definitely arguments for both sides.... CLICK PHOTO TO READ UP ABOUT WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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Are You Positive? GBS Positive, That Is.

Group B Streptococcus (aka Group B Strep or GBS) is a particular type of bacteria- not the same bacteria that causes strep throat, by the way- that exists naturally in the intestinal tract, urinary tract, vagina, and/or rectum. Roughly 25% of women are carriers, although the bacteria may come and go, almost always without triggering any symptoms or health issues.... CLICK PHOTO TO READ ARTICLE

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Your Pregnancy Partners

It's important to drink plenty of fluids during pregnancy- but sometimes mama just needs something to drink other than water. That's why I'm serving up four different (not to mention delicious) options... CLICK PHOTO TO READ FULL ARTICLE.

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More Than Just Chicken Soup: Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu

Just about everybody’s grandmother had the same basic prescription for treating a cold or the flu: drink plenty of fluids (staying hydrated is even more important during pregnancy, btw), get plenty of rest, sip some homemade broth or chicken soup, and up your intake of vitamin C to give the immune system a much-needed boost.

While those are all great- and important- first steps, that advice is also a little, well, basic. Knock out a cold or flu quickly with the following turbo charged remedies.


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