The Potential Dangers of EMF Exposure

What are the potential dangers of EMF exposure? That is the $10,000 question. And to be frank, the answer you'll get depends on whom you ask. I won't bore you with everyone's opinion on the issue, because I believe it's more important to know how to avoid problems than to focus on EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong. But, in short, the World Health Organization (WHO) performed a research study in 2011 and couldn't identify any health risks associated with low-level exposure. WHO has also acknowledge that "gaps" in the knowledge exist & more research is needed. WHO also hasn't been able to prove that EMFs aren't harmful, so "radiofrequency electromagnetic fields" were classified as a Group 2B carcinogen (a substance that might be cancer-causing in humans). Other Group 2B carcinogens include engine exhaust, lead, and gasoline.. but also coffee and pickled vegetables (what lol?).