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Treat Yourself!

As soon as you announce that you're expecting; well-meaning friends, family members- even total strangers- are going to tell you the same thing again and again and again: "Enjoy [fill in the blank] while you can. Life as you know it will be over the instant you have that baby". Most roll their eyes, because surely everyone is exaggerating. Would my world really change all that drastically overnight? I mean, all newborns really do is eat, sleep, and poop, right?

Well, all of those well meaning friends, family members, and strangers... are totally right. Motherhood is often described as the best thing a woman has ever done. It takes a lot out of you, but it gives back more than you could've dreamed. 

Still, it's normal to grieve the loss of your child-free life, especially if you weren't prepared for how all-encompassing the change would be. That's why I'm giving you full permission to indulge in some much needed- and well deserved- TLC. The more we can appreciate these moments now, the more we can embrace the new and exciting life that awaits. Here are all of the things I've been told most women wish they'd done more of before baby:


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