A Better Belly Herbal Tincture

A Better Belly Herbal Tincture

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Gut health is the cornerstone to whole body wellness. A Better Belly allows your natural gut biome to flourish. Dandelion & ginger promote easy digestion. Other wild crafted herbs aid in the absorption of beneficial nutrients and the release of those that are unnecessary.

When taking A Better Belly daily, you can expect to see an increase in mood after just 2 weeks! Help your body & mind feel better the natural way.

If pregnant or breast feeding, send me a message- I do make custom orders to better support mom & baby for no added cost!

When taken daily, one 4 oz bottle of Blue Be Gone will should last between 1-2 months.

Can be extremely useful to take during a course of antibiotics as well.

Both 2 & 4 oz bottles available.

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