Tuna Tomato Bites

I'm a sucker for tuna, it's official. If I was stranded on a desert island, but that ocean was FULL of tuna, I would survive happily (as long as I had someone to do the dirty work.. duh). So basically any tuna recipe is perfect in my opinion.⠀
Here's how to make these delicious bite sized snacks⠀
4 sweet cocktail tomatoes (small)⠀
1/2 can tuna- drained⠀
1/2 tbsp dijon mustard⠀
1/2 tbsp mayonnaise⠀
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice⠀
1/4 of a small avocado, diced⠀
1 green onion, diced⠀
2 tbsp corn ⠀
1/4 cup cottage cheese (if that's your thing, if not, cream cheese!)⠀
salt & pepper to taste⠀

1. Hollow out the tomatoes. Discard the insides or mix them with the tuna⠀
2. Mix together tuna, mustard, mayonnaise, and lemon juice in a bowl⠀
3. Add the avocado, green onion, corn and cottage cheese. Fold into mixture.⠀
4. Season with salt & pepper⠀
5. Stuff into hollowed tomatoes!⠀

Adriane KnorrComment