Peach Cobbler Greek Yogurt

(My face when I saw this recipe was about as wide as this bowl. I was super stoked to say the least. It's crazy easy and crazy delicious. It's also very versatile! Feel free to add in extra fruits (like I did here with strawberries). ⠀
You can make this for a quick breakfast, or pack it up and bring it as a snack to work. Whatever you do, enjoy it :) ⠀
1 cup plain Greek yogurt⠀
1 packet of stevia (if you need things sweeter, but not necessary)⠀
1 tsp cinnamon⠀
1 tsp natural almond butter⠀
1/3 cup finely diced peaches⠀
2 tbls rolled oats or muesli⠀

1. Mix the yogurt, stevia, cinnamon and almond butter in a bowl.⠀
2. Add the peaches and sprinkle with oats.⠀