Spicy Pineapple

Are you ready to get that little fella/lady out of there??? This week we've got two old wives' tales combined into one tasty treat.Pineapple is high in an enzyme called bromelain, which is thought to soften and ripen the cervix; spicy foods, meanwhile, stimulate the bowels- in face, some mamas swear Mexican food kicked their labor into gear. So, is this sweet snack enough to bring on contractions then?Well.... probably not. But this little snack combines salt, spicy, and sweet flavors, and certainly tastes delicious. Plus, it's a nice "recipe" to have on hand near the end of pregnancy, when cooking elaborate meals and fussing around in the kitchen is no longer high on the list of priorities.INGREDIENTS:1 pineappleCayenne pepper to tasteSea salt to tasteHOW TO:To make, simply core and chop or slice your pineapple, then sprinkle with cayenne pepper and sea salt. Eat with a toothpick for a little extra fun if that floats your boat. Bon appetit!

Adriane KnorrComment