Tart Cherry Bomb

Ladies & gents... NOM OF THE WEEK is backkkk. Summer is ALMOST over which means you need to get your cherry fix...now. Did you know that tart cherries are one of the richest natural sources of melatonin on the planet? In fact, at least one small study suggests that tart cherry juice can increase sleep time by as much as 90 minutes a night. (You can even use it with your toddler to eke out a few extra hours of shut-eye each morning. Tart cherries also help reduce inflammation, body aches, and swelling; all common pregnancy side effects. To get the most benefits, try it two ways:
In the afternoon: Combine 2 tbsp organic tart cherry juice concentrate, 8 to 12 ounces sparkling water, and a few drops of liquid stevia (if you want sweetness). Serve over ice and enjoy!
Before bed: Mix 2 tbsp tart cherry juice, 8 oz of plain kefit yogurt, and liquid stevia to taste.

Adriane KnorrComment