My basic birth package includes a free initial consultation meeting, 2 prenatal visits, unlimited call/text support, birth attendance, and two postpartum visits. More information regarding these services is below:

Prenatal Visits


During these visits we will discuss birth plans, doubts, hopes, and questions that might come up. This is the time for logistics and preparing the woman and family for the birthing process. We will go over comfort positions as well as helpful techniques to ease labor



I am available for call/text/e-mail support. You can expect a response within 8 hours prior to 36 weeks and I will be on call 24/7 at 37 weeks for any of your questions no matter the time, I am here to help you and to provide comfort and ease. I've already put in the effort to find the best information and local resources for so many circumstances. Let me help you.




I will come to wherever it is you decide to have your birth; hospital, in home, or birth center. I have no judgment if you choose to use an epidural or anything else. I will stay with you after the birth for up to 2 hours. I will bring with me my doula bag full of comfort measures. Whether you need someone to be your advocate, your primary support person, or just a calm person in the room; I am here to serve you.



Post Partum

I will visit you the day after the birth as well as about a week after the birth to answer any questions, provide emotional support, and help with anything you might need. I am available 24/7 during this time for call/text/email as well. 



Additional Options

Yoga sessions: As a trained prenatal yoga instructor, I'm happy to teach you and your partner in the art of yoga. Whether you are wanting to partake in a private yoga class or be trained to perform the yoga in your own time, I'd love to help make this time more comfortable. 

Additional prenatal/postpartum visits: We all need a little bit more help sometimes, Additional visits are available to you. $25/hr

Birth Plan Preparation: If you would like assistance in creating your birth plan, with or without the use of me as your doula, I'd love to help you work out your plan.